March 2nd, 2008

this morning i woke up to another sunday, but the thing is sunday is just not any day. to me sunday is a day of friendship, random events and adventure, no sunday is ever the same. my friends and i have cultivated something truly beautiful that only sunday seems to posses, it’s really not something that can be explained to the fullest, it’s something that has to be experienced.

after dinner this evening a few of us were just sitting around enjoying the peculiarly delightful townsville weather while sipping on a fine glass of ‘cab sav’ and laughing when i realized something. i was taking my last sip and peering through my wine glass and it was as though i had new eyes to see…it’s so simple, but i was seeing life through a wine glass and it was beautiful. love, life and laughter, what more could one ask for, it was a moment of pure joy for me…a moment of true harmony….
Created by amanda

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