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Spoakne Spokane Soapkne

October 9th, 2012

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Farewell 2010…

January 9th, 2011

farwell 2010

so of course it’s that time,

a time when you remember things past and look forward to things ahead. As 2010 is rapidly disappearing in the rearview mirror i naturally begin to wonder what this bright new year will hold.

2010 was good to us, finally settled in our own little corner of the world (kelowna, BC) we began to dream once again. this past year took us to many places. some of those places we once called home, but many of them new and unfamiliar to us. This was a year of adventure, challenge, growth, family & friends, and much Love.

we can’t wait to see where this ship will sail in 2011, my husband wrote something once to me while we were dating and i feel that it is very key for this next year, it went a little something like this…..

that day on the boat

“faith is the ship of doing.

it is never docked but is fueled by hopes of distant lands;

the Holy Spirit fills it’s sails and the word of God is the very wood it is made of.

you are it’s crew and when the crew stay on board it is not easily sunk.

Jesus is it’s Captain and the hurting world it’s destination, a redeemed world it’s goal.

faith is the ship of doing and it’s your choice to sail with it or not.”


a few pictures below only begin to capture this past year for us, enjoy and much love in this new year.



fall 2010

san fran


NYC + Cruise (340 of 747) copy

australia (261 of 276) copy

NYC + Cruise (257 of 747) copy

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i need help falling in love…

October 22nd, 2010

kelowna is its name

with FALL.

you see lately all i have been seeing are the sure signs that summer is over.

tan lines are quickly becoming a distant memory.

flowers are fading, and green is changing to gold.

the warmth that stirred up the desire to put on a pair of shorts or a cute dress is now gone.

the bicycle is being packed to the back of the garage.

all things that make me sad summer is at an end.

i need help falling in love with FALL. i so often hear so many people chirping about how great fall is and how it’s their favorite season, and yet i can’t seem to wrap my head around why…summer is my love, and so that is why i call upon you, for help.

what do you love most about FALL?

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Omakian Adventure

September 13th, 2010

South to Omak,

we went. Full of excitment & energy. There was much fun to be had & good photo weather. enjoy them.
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Last Aussie BBQ (tear*)

April 27th, 2009

last bbq03.jpg
this was the last back yard Aussie bbq before i left for Canada. What is better than friends, the night air & steak.

i ask you.

last bbq19

last bbq10.jpg

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“i bid you farewell”

April 2nd, 2009

globe trotting

thursday night is it, about half past midnight and here we sit, just soaking in life. joanna is puttering in the kitchen, jonathan sits with ipod in hand and game on pause in order to respond to some question stephen just posed, and i full of love for each one.

our dear friends just threw us a “farewell” party seeing as how we leave only a day from now and it was more than we could have asked for. strings of lights were strewn about as well as lamps for ambience, the table was covered with all different kinds of dip and things to dip, but most importantly all our friends were about the backyard.

of course there was a demand for stephen and i to dance our “first dance” together, too funny, but then they all proceeded to tell stories about us and afirm us for who we are and the impact we have had during our time here. there were giggles of joy and moments of tears, but as we listened and were afirmed i just had the strong sense and felt our heavenly father’s pride in us and my heart truly was full.

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March 30th, 2009

there are so many things that come coupled with this action. it depends on the setting and context which determines the outcome. you may be leaving a party, or even just the room, but as soon as other people are involved one’s presence is almost always missed.

i’m starring into the face of leaving something that’s just a bit more difficult than exiting a room full of people. i’m leaving a home, a family, and closer than close friendships that i have come to rely on for daily life. i’m walking away from one dream onto the next. how does one even begin to describe how this feels? why do it then you may ask? to be honest at times lately i have even wondered that myself, why would i leave something i love and know and am comfortable doing?

but then i remember Peter. Peter was just a man, a man who while on that boat i’m sure was quite comfortable doing what he knew, what he had loved, fishing. until that night he looked out and saw Jesus walking on the water. full of emotion, fear, excitement, shock, awe, wonder, curiosity, and i’m sure much more he did it…what so many of us long to do so often yet at times fail to. he stepped out of the boat to walk along the water with Jesus. in faith, pure, honest faith (and hope) he took that step. that’s why i’m leaving, to take that step of courage, to go wherever, to trust, to grow, to see new things and face new challenges. it hurts yes, but i’m trusting that the pain is worth it…

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