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Farewell 2010…

January 9th, 2011

farwell 2010

so of course it’s that time,

a time when you remember things past and look forward to things ahead. As 2010 is rapidly disappearing in the rearview mirror i naturally begin to wonder what this bright new year will hold.

2010 was good to us, finally settled in our own little corner of the world (kelowna, BC) we began to dream once again. this past year took us to many places. some of those places we once called home, but many of them new and unfamiliar to us. This was a year of adventure, challenge, growth, family & friends, and much Love.

we can’t wait to see where this ship will sail in 2011, my husband wrote something once to me while we were dating and i feel that it is very key for this next year, it went a little something like this…..

that day on the boat

“faith is the ship of doing.

it is never docked but is fueled by hopes of distant lands;

the Holy Spirit fills it’s sails and the word of God is the very wood it is made of.

you are it’s crew and when the crew stay on board it is not easily sunk.

Jesus is it’s Captain and the hurting world it’s destination, a redeemed world it’s goal.

faith is the ship of doing and it’s your choice to sail with it or not.”


a few pictures below only begin to capture this past year for us, enjoy and much love in this new year.



fall 2010

san fran


NYC + Cruise (340 of 747) copy

australia (261 of 276) copy

NYC + Cruise (257 of 747) copy

Created by amanda, Wider


new fish*

December 17th, 2009

new fishy's

where trying a new thing, lot’s of small fish. well see how it goes, there way more fun so far.

new fishy's

new fishy's

Created by stephen

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Smiling Catfish.

November 2nd, 2009

FALL *  (2 of 43) copy

We recently had some Death’s in the fish tank, & our Cat fish is now very happy. Here’s Amanda to tell you the tale. *sjb

FALL *  (1 of 43) copy

Tis sad but true my friends, we were the proud owners of some black molly’s just recently who have not survived the move. But as stephen mentioned we have observed the state of our catfish as much improved since the passing of the other fishies.

As “parents” do, we were watching him the other night and to our amazement we saw it…a smile. You may think us crazy but it doesn’t matter to us because we know without a doubt that we have a Smiling Catfish.


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independent bella.

April 21st, 2008

the thing about bella is she’s unique. a feisty, lively little fishy who won’t take no for an answer. from the very first day we got her she has always been flippin around and flashing her colors for all to see. full of life this fish is, she had grown quite fond and found genuine delight in her more tame and subtle tank mate, caspian. caspian on the other hand like I began to hint at is the quieter one of the two. very gentleman like, he always waits for bella to enjoy some fishy flakes before he would even begin to venture to the surface himself. he would allow bella, as irritating as it may be to chase him incessantly around the tank with no real purpose other than “play”. 

this morning I came out to my living room to feed my fine friends only to find bella now the only one full of life…to my sad little heart came much sorrow and to my eyes a few tears. you may ask yourself, “how can she cry over a fish?” the thing is, fish as small as they may be are like anything. take for example a favorite article of clothing. there are moments, memories, experiences had by the owner of that garment that brings it to life. it’s the same with caspian. he was a moment, a memory, an experience, full of life and delight and now he is gone. this entry is titled “independent bella” because that remains my question, will bella stay true to her colors and survive independently?

photo taken by: stephen john bryde
Created by amanda

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