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the beauty of the sun

January 28th, 2012

christmas-etc (11 of 52)

christmas-etc (9 of 52)

christmas-etc (10 of 52)

christmas-etc (5 of 52)

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A Random Week-end

August 12th, 2011

random weekend

random weekend

random weekend

It has been

a random week

random weekend

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change will do you good…..

May 3rd, 2011



one word, yet so much is said when using this word. i love words, i love the meaning behind words. i love that just one word or a few strung together can say SO much. now, finding the right word(s) in the right moment, that can be challenging.

there’s a movie that i now can’t think what it is, but i remember the character wanting to say something SO badly to another character in the moment but that they always chickened out, they couldn’t do it. until finally an instance occurs when they were able to say what they meant, not even moment’s later though, regretted it. (if you know the movie I’m talking about TELL me it’s bugging me now…..)

our words have power, they hold meaning. it’s important to say what you mean and mean what you say because we are and will be held accountable to those words. i love when a friend or loved one holds me to what i say, it’s confronting and sometimes very hard, but it’s true, it’s honest, it’s honoring.

change is the word on my heart, in my head, written all through my journal currently and for some time now i haven’t understood why. i believe I’m beginning to understand now and it’s a little scary. both stephen and i feel and know that there is change on the horizon for us, and with that can come fear, but we are trusting that god will lead us and show us the next step.

exciting really, isn’t it?

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new favorite word….

April 25th, 2011



i of course can NOT take credit for this word and i’m sure it’s probably been said or used many times before, but i came across this word today while reading my favorite magazine of all time, no questions asked…..


this magazine comes from the very dear to my heart, 2nd home land, australia. this is one of the things hands down, on my MOST MISSED from aus list. my darling sister in law, Dianne Walker did the sweetest thing. she subscribed to frankie in australia for me as a christmas gift, (because it’s way cheaper there than to have it sent here) and sends it to me every two months! what a dolly!

anyway, check it out at if you haven’t already you will not be disappointed!

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the war of art…

April 15th, 2011

not sure if it’s just because spring has arrived and with it a new & fresh perspective, or if it’s because something really is stirring and it’s bigger, greater than us therefore leaving me with this unavoidable (not that i want to avoid it) feeling that the possibilities really are endless.

let’s roll with it.

this is a very welcomed feeling for me. i’m sure anyone would be able to put two and two together if you happened to stop by our website since the beginning of this year, it’s lacking, there’s not much going on, or so it would seem. but to be completely honest there most certainly is something going on, it’s just not been “expressible” for me. sure at times over the past few months there have been moments of “expression”, just ask my patient and faithful husband (i love you stephen), but up until this point i have been internally battling.

there are many reasons for this internal battle, but the one battle i feel i have been losing is that of “creativity”. i have been at war over this aspect of my life, of my personality, and i have been losing. i hadn’t realized just HOW much i was losing this battle until i came across a little book called “the war of art” by steven pressfield. i didn’t even want to read it at first, but this little 160 page book  managed to stir up so many things within me that i have been feeling on the verge of bursting! the best part was how practically he explains some things. i am being a bit vague i realize, but it has been quite a while since i last wrote this openly so bear with me.

one of my favorite things he says in regards to writing was this….”There’s a secret that real writers know that wanna be writers don’t, and the secret is this: It’s not the writing part that’s hard. What’s hard is sitting down to write. What keeps us from sitting down, is resistance”. And then of course he has a whole chapter on resistance.

so to all of you out there who can relate to this “war” within, sure, check out his book if you like it helped me a lot, but mostly be encouraged. You are not alone in this struggle, there are many of us who can relate.

“Creative work is…a gift to the world and every being in it. Don’t cheat us of your contribution. Give us what you’ve got!” – Steven Pressfield

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Farewell 2010…

January 9th, 2011

farwell 2010

so of course it’s that time,

a time when you remember things past and look forward to things ahead. As 2010 is rapidly disappearing in the rearview mirror i naturally begin to wonder what this bright new year will hold.

2010 was good to us, finally settled in our own little corner of the world (kelowna, BC) we began to dream once again. this past year took us to many places. some of those places we once called home, but many of them new and unfamiliar to us. This was a year of adventure, challenge, growth, family & friends, and much Love.

we can’t wait to see where this ship will sail in 2011, my husband wrote something once to me while we were dating and i feel that it is very key for this next year, it went a little something like this…..

that day on the boat

“faith is the ship of doing.

it is never docked but is fueled by hopes of distant lands;

the Holy Spirit fills it’s sails and the word of God is the very wood it is made of.

you are it’s crew and when the crew stay on board it is not easily sunk.

Jesus is it’s Captain and the hurting world it’s destination, a redeemed world it’s goal.

faith is the ship of doing and it’s your choice to sail with it or not.”


a few pictures below only begin to capture this past year for us, enjoy and much love in this new year.



fall 2010

san fran


NYC + Cruise (340 of 747) copy

australia (261 of 276) copy

NYC + Cruise (257 of 747) copy

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i need help falling in love…

October 22nd, 2010

kelowna is its name

with FALL.

you see lately all i have been seeing are the sure signs that summer is over.

tan lines are quickly becoming a distant memory.

flowers are fading, and green is changing to gold.

the warmth that stirred up the desire to put on a pair of shorts or a cute dress is now gone.

the bicycle is being packed to the back of the garage.

all things that make me sad summer is at an end.

i need help falling in love with FALL. i so often hear so many people chirping about how great fall is and how it’s their favorite season, and yet i can’t seem to wrap my head around why…summer is my love, and so that is why i call upon you, for help.

what do you love most about FALL?

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September 3rd, 2010

1st Year Anniversary Adventure

30 lbs of coffee


I wrote this blog about taste, coffee and wine etc. Anyway it was really bad writing so it had to die. What I was trying to say was that i was having trouble tasting the coffee i had been roasting as well as any kind of wine. i am happy to say that i have now fixed the problem i was having roasting the beans and i have hurdled whatever obstacle was in my way in regards to tasting wine and things are GREAT now!

1st Year Anniversary Adventure

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click and it’s 4.01

July 20th, 2010


I love working in my home office & hearing our new / old clock click over, (I don’t here it everytime, that would drive me crazy) but i hear it some times & i just smile. We got in a op-shop in Wenatch.



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to the bitter end.

July 15th, 2010

so going to bed last night i had pre-determined in my heart that i was going to accomplish something in my house the next day that would leave me patting myself on the back saying “well done amanda”. as i woke this morning and set my feet on the sexy chocolate brown shag carpet in our bedroom i decided the task for the day was going to be the ‘monster’ storage room!!

aren’t storage rooms wonderful? i am very thankful to have that space to keep things that either aren’t used on a regular basis or would just be in the way otherwise. the only fault of the storage room is that it has a tendency to call upon all it’s friends to come along and they all tend to gather in one giant MESS!

so today dear readers, i take on the storage room.

let’s see where my perseverance level’s currently at shall we?

wish me luck!

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