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Farewell 2010…

January 9th, 2011

farwell 2010

so of course it’s that time,

a time when you remember things past and look forward to things ahead. As 2010 is rapidly disappearing in the rearview mirror i naturally begin to wonder what this bright new year will hold.

2010 was good to us, finally settled in our own little corner of the world (kelowna, BC) we began to dream once again. this past year took us to many places. some of those places we once called home, but many of them new and unfamiliar to us. This was a year of adventure, challenge, growth, family & friends, and much Love.

we can’t wait to see where this ship will sail in 2011, my husband wrote something once to me while we were dating and i feel that it is very key for this next year, it went a little something like this…..

that day on the boat

“faith is the ship of doing.

it is never docked but is fueled by hopes of distant lands;

the Holy Spirit fills it’s sails and the word of God is the very wood it is made of.

you are it’s crew and when the crew stay on board it is not easily sunk.

Jesus is it’s Captain and the hurting world it’s destination, a redeemed world it’s goal.

faith is the ship of doing and it’s your choice to sail with it or not.”


a few pictures below only begin to capture this past year for us, enjoy and much love in this new year.



fall 2010

san fran


NYC + Cruise (340 of 747) copy

australia (261 of 276) copy

NYC + Cruise (257 of 747) copy

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We’re going to…

November 25th, 2010



I’m super excited to be going to my little sister’s wedding, yeah !!
well be back to the snow in two week though !! yeah !!

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honey + moon

September 14th, 2009

honey moon

Cancun / Riviera Maya / Mexico / No swine flu
Sun / Tan / Many food / All Inclusive
Her / Me
Happy Ending / Beginning

honey moon

honey moon

honey moon

+honey-344 copy

honey moon

honey moon

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our day of magic…

August 23rd, 2009

Amanda & stephen's Wedding Photos

as a girl, well most girls anyway, you dream of this day all your life. it’s like some sort of requirement or prerequisite to being a girl, must dream of future wedding…check. the colors, the dress, the flowers, the food, the everything. well i’m not gonna lie and say i hadn’t thought about it, but i was never one of those girls who knew EXACTLY what they wanted.

then of course there’s my now husband whom i’m sure most of you know quite well. and i’m pretty sure we can all agree in saying he’d never thought about it =) to be honest though and he may hate me for saying this, he had thought of it. but in a different way, he’d thought of the girl, the woman he would spend the rest of his life with.

so how would you explain our wedding, basically the same way you could explain us…simple, elegant, a flare of vintage, a bit traditional, very creative, somewhat quirky, but mainly simple.

and that my friends was “our day of magic”.

check out the photo’s here

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a week !!!

July 3rd, 2009

in a week I’ll be wed !!


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Engagment Photo’s

March 22nd, 2009

engagment - my stuff-1.jpg

Joanna did some photo’s for us a few weekends ago
here are the results.

thank you Joanna !!

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a perfect proposal…

January 6th, 2009

on a cold winter’s morn, the eve before christmas she awoke feeling as though there was something special in the air. she couldn’t quite put her finger on it so she wrote it off as christmas “fuzzies” and went on to enjoy the day.

a little later that morning her parents told her and her boyfriend that as a christmas gift they had bought them two tickets for a wine tour at a beautiful winery on the local mountain for later that afternoon. she knew this was a great idea and was so excited she couldn’t wait for the time to come.

around 1pm that afternoon they were dropped off at the winery to enjoy the aromas and tastes of so many world renown canadain wines. the tour was amazing and with the snow covered ground it was a beautiful afternoon. nearing the end of the tour it came time to taste the wine. elizabeth their tour guide had four wines out to taste each one very specific and delicious. not a moment later elizabeth began to say that it was a “special” tour this day because there was an australian with them, so they were going to taste a “special” wine. she went on to say that this australian gentleman (her boyfriend) had something that he wanted to say and winked at him.

she was turned toward him as he proceeded to tell her that…”since the day he told her he loved her, he knew that she was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with”. he then bent down on one knee, pulled out the most PERFECT ring she had ever seen and asked those four precious words she had been longing to hear…”will you marry me?” as it all set in she realized she needed to respond, and so of course she said “yeah”! they embraced and he placed the ring on her finger. her parents then entered the room from where they had been watching with two dozen long stemmed pink roses! they were all able to taste the wine and then for the next half hour snap photos so they would be abel to remember the most….”perfect proposal”.

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